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I have been working in the expat sector since 2001 and I enjoy every minute of it. With all the experiences that I have gained amongst others, working on Global Mobility at Fluor B.V, advised on immigration and relocation services at KPMG Meijburg Expatriate Services, I started my own relocation company last July 2016: Total View Relocation.

For us, every expat and their families, are equally important. Moving to a new country can be impressive with new challenges. Therefore we are committed to taking things off the hands of your company so that the relocation of your employees will go smoothly.

Our approach is personal and we stand for what we promise without losing sight of the needs of the employee and their family. For us it is important that the employee is connected quickly and the same day contact will be made.

We will always provide services with a smile and we look very much forward working with you

Liesbeth Kabel

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